Silicone Healing Non Pull Disc for Piercing Bumps





Description: If you’re a fan of jewellery, getting a new piercing can be oh-so-exciting. But what happens when you look in the mirror to admire your bling, only to find a mysterious bump? Hypertrophic scars are often known as irritation bumps and are common with Nose or Helix piercings. These occur when your body has an abnormal response to trauma, our Healing Discs will help to sort out this unsightly problem.
Suitable to help flatten out bumps with pressure or as a preventative with new piercings.
The Rings and Discs are crafted from medical grade silicone and are available in a 3mm, 5mm, 7mm or 9mm size to suit most jewellery.
The 3mm ring can also act as a comfortable, permanent barrier between skin and metal, perfect for nose bars or labrets. The rings are also used to help keep discs more firmly in place against bumps.
Remember if you are ever worried about the healing of your piercing, just call or visit your doctor or studio!

Styles: Ring | Disc
Amount: 10pc pack
Pressure Disc Sizes: 5mm | 7mm | 9mm (suits 16G or 14G bars)
Ring Size: 3mm (20G, 18G or 16G bars)
Suitable for: 18GA(1mm) | 16GA(1.2mm) | 14GA(1.6mm)
Material: Medical Grade Silica Gel (silicone)

Worn In:

  • 5mm, 7mm or 9mm Dics on jewellery next to bump
  • Discs prevent balls from embedding in new piercings
  • Discs will help with tooth damage from accidental bite down on your lip jewellery
  • Discs will cushion new lobe piercing and separate from butterfly backing
  • 3mm Rings can be worn permanently as a barrier between skin and metal on labrets
  • 3mm suitable for a tiny nose jewellery to prevent irritation or bumps
  • 3mm suitable as o-rings on each side of a ornate Septum ring to keep straight
  • Add extra 3mm rings to pressure disc to help keep discs firmly on bump

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