Tibetan Mala 216 Prayer Beads Bracelet / Necklace


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Description: These Tibetan Mala 216 bead Prayer Beads Bracelets are made from 6mm wood beads (commonly used in Buddhist disciplines) and a decorative tassel with a ‘Chinese Knot symbol. It is strung with a durable elastic cord & is available in red brown.
These natural wooden beads are pleasant to touch & the wood has a gentle fragrance, the beads can be wrapped 5 – 6 times around a (small to average) wrist or worn as a necklace.
Size: 216 beads of 6mm.
Colour: Red brown, please note these beads are dyed.

Prayer beads are used by members of many religions including Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. In one’s spiritual practice, they aid the wearer in keeping a tally of prayers or mantras during meditation.

These beads include a velvet gift pouch