Titanium Hinged Segment Ring With Outward Facing Pave CNC Set CZ


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Description: Hinged Segment Ring crafted from Implant Grade Titanium ASTM F-126 with fine Zircon in a precision channel setting.
This outward-facing Hoop Ring suits Nose, Lobe, Helix, Tragus, Rook, Conch piercings.
ASTM F-136 6Al-4V-ELI Implant Grade Titanium. This is one of the best materials for fresh and healed body piercings due to its high biocompatibility, non-allergenic properties, as well as its light-weight and tensile strength.
Colours: Titanium/Clear | Gold/Clear | Black/Clear
Guage: 18GA(1mm) | 16GA
Ring Inner Size: 8mm | 10mm | 12mm

  • Implant Grade Titanium
  • Hinged Segment Ring with outward-facing CZ
  • CZ are channel set
  • Smooth continuous setting allows rings to be fully rotated
  • Tension keeps the Hinged bars firmly closed but may be adjusted by pressing bars together or pulling apart slightly

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Colour/ Size

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