Titanium Threadless Push in Pin Star Tops





Description: Our range of superior threadless push-in pin tops are crafted from Titanium, the tops are designed to coordinate with our threadless Titanium or 316L Surgical Steel Threadless bars.
Pin top jewellery can be easier to use than internally threaded jewellery with the bonus of no thread wear.
Threadless jewellery is convenient to use, just leave your bar in place and swap your tops as needed. This is a great option for new piercings were less handling is preferred.
Tip: Place pin tip in base and pre-bend your pin before inserting base, the pin should be slightly bent this holds the top securely in place. The more the bend the firmer to remove, a twist will help loosen your top.

  • Style: Threadless push-in pin top (no base included)
  • Colours: Gold | Plain Titanium
  • Pin Size: pin tops suitable for our 20GA to 14GA Threadless bases only
  • Pin width: 0.46mm
  • Star Size: 3.5mm
  • Material: G23 TITANIUM | Anodised Gold
  • Amount: Single

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