Triple Bar and Connector Ring Industrial Barbell w/ Bonus Bars


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Description: This polished 316L Surgical Steel Triple Bar Industrial barbell sports 16G bars, this creates a streamline barbell both unique and eye-catching.
This Industrial has been crafted for multiple piercings, it features 3 bars attached to a center ring. This moveable design allows for customization by unscrewing the bars and replacing with the bonus bars provided.
This Industrial barbell is perfect if you have multiple 16G Cartilage piercings, no need for extra 14G piercings or bulky Industrial jewellery.
Guage/ Bar Thickness: 16G(1.2mm)
Materials:316L Surgical Steel
Bar Lengths: 10mm | 10mm | 16mm
Ring Size: 8mm
Ball Sizes: 5mm
Bonus Bars: 2

    • Industrial barbells with an 8mm center ring design
    • 3 bars with an end ring, allows the bars to slide around the ring
    • Flexible design to suit different cartilage piercings
    • Bonus- 2 additional, different sized bars
    • Bars unscrew for easy swapping